[ Ey, guys!

You should all join in on the MDSS!
Aka the Mogeko Defense Scarf Squad.

Because of the recent incident, I want to give Mogeko a way to show that we still care and support them.
Basically I’m trying to rally people together to draw pictures of their muses (or a mogeko character of their choice) in a scarf and send them to Mogeko somehow. Either through the tags or in the form of a submission. I feel like it might help them feel better if enough of us do this, because a group is better than just one in terms of making an impact. They got hit rather hard by us fans, so I feel like it’s our job as fans to try and raise their spirits again. Sound good?

The steps are simple, really. Just draw the character in a scarf, add in a supportive message if you so desire it, and tag it as MDSS/Mogeko Defense Scarf Squad along with Mogeko’s tags. (ie. Wadanohara, The Grey Garden, Poison Bugs, etc etc). I’m sure that I, along with Mogeko, would really appreciate if you could join in on this.

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Thank you very much for reading! ]

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